Covers and Inserts Covers and Inserts Background This is a background used in the original website. 182108294 Page Break This is the page break I ended up going with in Finipee. 182108295 Background This is a photo of Finipee that I created digitally. It was used on the original website under "The World of Finipee" tab. 182108296 Potential Cover This was the original cover I had created. We ended up going another direction but I always liked this cover. 182108297 Potential Page Break I ended up using this on chapter pages of Finipee but it was originally intended to be the page break for the book. 182108298 Potential Cover Here is another potential cover that I ended up using on the back of the book. It actually looked a lot better there. 182108299 Background Another background used in the original website for Finipee. 182108300 Unfinished Cover This is the cover we eventually went with. However, it is unfinished in this pic. 182108301