Author T.B. Smith

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    Forging of the Swords


In book one of Finipee: A young knight leaves home with the hope of restoring honor to his people. Instead, he ends up accomplishing much more than he ever could have imagined. Through trials and perils, he is not only faced with the enormous task of saving his world, but also, understanding his heart when it comes to the love of his life, whom he meets along the way.
The journey is long and hard. Even at the worst of times when he's feeling there is no hope left, he pushes forward. Failure is not an option—Finipee depends on it.
The knight will take you on a magnificent adventure across a beautiful and diverse world filled with many magical creatures. Some helpful, some evil. Whom can he trust?
For this young knight, friends are made and friends are lost. Love will be tested.
However, in the end—a true hero arises.